Professional feedback:

Is your literary work suitable for publishing? Does your film or TV script have a chance of being realized? What are its weaknesses? Are we interested in representing you? You will learn all of this from our expert evaluation (feedback) of your literary work or screenplay. If we refuse to represent you, you will learn why.

If we offer you representation, it means that you have successfully passed the first round and that your manuscript (or screenplay) is really good and interesting. To succeed in finding agency representation is already a reason to celebrate! This is the first and most important step to publishing your book or selling your script. Publishers know that a literary agent will never represent a low-quality literary work. Of course, sometimes we do not have the same tastes and needs as the publisher. But we can guarantee that it  definitely make sense to read the literary works we represent. That is why publishers and film producers are turning to us.

If you want to send your manuscript to our literary agency for evaluation, you must first pay a fee for the assessment. For this fee, you will receive a two-page review of your manuscript. You do not just pay a fee for us to read your manuscript at our agency. You pay for the quality feedback received on your literary work. You will learn where the weaknesses are in your work, and where to correct, modify, delete and why. We want only to work with authors who really take writing seriously and are ready to work on their manuscripts. Therefore, we believe that a simple rejection of the manuscript by an agency lacks any sense for the author. The author should always know why the agency has refused to represent his literary work and should also get a chance to modify the work. Such is the philosophy of our literary agency.

The fee is based on the size of the manuscript (the number of characters including the spaces that the manuscript counts) and is valid for each manuscript assigned for the assessment:


Number of characters incl. gaps:                  Price:
from 144 000 to 180 000                  115,- Euro
from 180 001 to 360 000                  155,- Euro
from 360 001 to 540 000                  195,- Euro

We do not accept manuscripts with less than 144,000 characters incl. gaps. They are too thin and do not meet the basic European parameters of the book. An exception is children books, where a large number of illustrations are planned. In these cases, even a smaller range of less than 144,000 characters incl. gaps, is enough.

If you do not want to review a manuscript, but only to review a short story or other "small literary work", please refer to "small text reviews" below.

Unfinished manuscript or not interested in agency representation:

Of course, we will be happy to make for you a review of the literary work that has not been completed yet. However, since such manuscript can not be represented and offered to the publishing houses, we charge another prices. The reason is that manuscripts ready for agency representation are primarily important to us.

The goal of the I HAVE TALENT literary agency is to search literary talents and represent them on the market when dealing with publishers. If you do not have interest in your representation, the same prices apply to you as in the case of an incomplete manuscript:

Number of characters incl. gaps:                 Price:
from 144 000 to 180 000                 145,- Euro
from 180 001 to 360 000                 195,- Euro
from 360 001 to 540 000                 245,- Euro


Larger manuscripts:

Does your manuscript have more than 540 thousand characters including spaces? We accept such manuscripts only after an individual agreement. The prize will also be determined individually as well as the time limit within which the manuscript will be assessed.

Small text reviews:

The "small lyrics" category includes all literary works that have a range of up to 10 standard pages (standard page has up to 18,000 characters, including spaces). Texts with a range of more than 10 or less than 80 standard pages are rated at the same price as texts in the first range category (115,-Euro).

This service is ideal for an author who wants to find out how well he writes and whether he has literary talent.  It is ideal to test it on a shorter literary work.

For feedback (1 page) the author pays a fixed fee of 50,- Euros. It does not matter whether it has 4 or 10 standard pages.


Just reading the manuscript without feedback?

The work of our team of editorial staff, is time consuming and demanding. The philosophy of our agency is, as has already been said, to find authors who take writing seriously and are ready to work on their texts. Our experience is that if the author could send the literary work to the agency completely free of charge, most authors do not pay enough attention to this step. The authors do not risk anything and they will send anything without fear and shame. For these reasons, we consider it appropriate to charge a fee for reading the manuscripts (or screenplays) and giving feedback. The authors are more concerned about sending their literary work to the agency and they take the issue more seriously.


We apply this rule: If the manuscript we represent is issued and when more than five thousand copies are sold on the market, we will refund the paid fee for feedback in full.

What should you do if you want to send us your manuscript? 

  • The first step is to send the manuscript to: konecna (at)
  • The staff of the agency will verify how many characters incl. gaps your manuscript has.
  • Then we issue an invoice to you for reading the manuscript and giving an expert's feedback to you.
  • Once you've paid a fee, we'll let you know when you can expect a final feedback on your manuscript. This will depend on whether or not we have a free expert or if you have to wait a while.
  • Once the manuscript evaluation is complete, you will receive it. If the expert does not recommend your manuscript for agency representation, you will learn why. You can also choose services from the agency to help you polish or rewrite your manuscript.
  • If the expert recommends agency representation, you will be offered a contract about agency representation to sign.

Movie or television scripts?

We also offer an assessment of film and television scripts of various genres. Prices on request.



The author acknowledges that the above-mentioned feedback is prepared by the expert of the Agency to the best of his / her knowledge and expertise, in order to help the author discover and define the most fundamental issues of the considered manuscript. Even with this effort, however, it is not possible to avoid a certain subjective view and it is not possible to guarantee that another expert will not have a different opinion of the manuscript. However, this is not a reason for claiming a service or for returning a fee! Similarly, there is neither a reason for this when the author does not agree with the opinion and has a completely different view on the quality of his manuscript. The scope of the experts review (feedback) is 2 to 5 pages according to the needs. By paying the fee, the author confirms that he agrees with the information written above.