We offer our representation only to those authors whose literary works (or scripts) we believe in and we believe that these books (or scripts) could succeed on the book (movie and television) market in the Czech Republic. These are literary works that we can start to offer to publishing houses immediately and there is no need to first make any major adjustments to them. The same rules we apply for film and television scripts.

We very much consider who to offer our representation to. By signing an agency representation agreement with the author means that we will spend a lot of time on his manuscript or movie script. Someone has to pay for this time, and in this case, the only chance for earnings is the commission that the author pays to the literary agency from his honorarium (royalty payment) if we manage to sell the manuscript to the publishing house (or we manage to sell the movie scripts to he producer).

If we do not find a publisher for the manuscript (or producer for the script), the author, of course, does not pay for our services. His only financial investment remains the prize for the expert evaluation (feedback) of his literary work (or script). However, the author may use this testimony when offering his work to the publishers (or other producers). 


Terms of agency representation:

  • The contract is usually closed for 2 calendar years.
  • If we do not find a publisher (or producer) for the manuscript (for the script) within two years, after the expiration of the contract, we will individually agree with each author whether we will sign the contract for another year or not.
  • The author pays commission on paid fees (royalties) for our services. For each paid fee, the Agency takes between 15% and 25% according to the type of signed contract.
  • The publishers (and also producers) send all fees (royalties) to the bank account of the agency, the agency pays fees (royalties) to the authors after charging the agency commission.
  • The agency is entitled to charge commission from the published book for an indefinite period of time (the same in the case of scripts). In other words, as long as the book is sold on the market (or as long as the film is available for cinema screening or television broadcast, event. for sale on dvd etc.), the agency collects a commission on the paid fees (royalties). Therefore, even after the termination of the agency contract, the obligation to pay agency commissions on all fees (royalties) paid for the sale of the book is still valid.
  • We will send the Agency Representation Agreement at any time, on request, by email. Every author can read it in detail. We are happy to answer any questions.